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The Who Live at Philadelphia Spectrum, December 15, 1975

This was the first Who concert I went to! I had been a fan for years! I had listened to them all through high school and now I was in college and I finally had a chance to see them at the Philadelphia Spectrum! I recall I had to stand in in line the previous October to get the tickets! There were thousands of fans and the Philadelphia police had to bring out bus loads of police and dozens of horses to control the crowd. I believe I had to pay a whopping $15.00 for the ticket and I had a great seat too! I was near the front of the mezzanine on Pete Townsend's side of the stage. And I was about 70 feet from the stage. And was it loud!? Oh man was it loud! But it was everything that I wanted to hear! They opened up with "I Can't Explain" and it just kept getting better. I only recently found this copy of the show. It is not a great recording, but it is certainly a very treasured one! I hope you will enjoy it!


Reviewer: gus manheim - - December 25, 2014
Subject: great concert
i was there and also camped out for tickets.probably the best concert i ever encore because they destroyed all the equipment at the end
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